Vasque Juxt Hiking Shoes

Rugged and Tough

I could make a fort out of all boxes of shoes I've tried on trail. And there are reasons for this. I have wide feet; one foot has less volume than the other; I heel strike hard on down hills even with trekking poles; my feet sweat a lot; I'm just hard on shoes. But the newest shoe in my arsenal seems to have me covered all the way around.

Meet the Vasque's Men's Juxt hiking shoe.

The Juxt is a solid all around shoe for the outdoors with proven durability. The suede upper performs great in the harsh, clawing conditions of the desert and even kept my feet warm during a harsh rain storm and driving 50 MPH winds on the PCT. The tongue is perforated and breathes out incredibly well keeping my feet cooler when its hot out. The outsole has tremendous gripping ability even under pack weight crossing wet granite rocks and has been great for scrambling up craggy peaks. The midsole and outsole are extremely supportive and lend a sturdy platform when covering uneven terrain. The lace-to-toe system mirrors that of an approach shoe and has allowed me to lock these shoes on my feet in a comfortable and support way that accommodates the difference in volume between my two feet. And the molded toe cap has saved my toes from getting hammered when I get tired and sloppy with my footwork after a long day of walking. Addidiotnally, the Juxt come in wide sizes which makes putting them on my Flintstone feet a dream. Having a bit of a heal had also helped on long uphill, as zero drop shoes have not helped my posture and range of motion in the mountains.

All in all the Juxt has become my favorite footwear on the trail and I look forward to stocking my closet with a few more pair for later.

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Vasque Juxt Men's Hiking Shoes are a testament to Vasque's long history of making great footwear for the trail. Interested in finding out more? Click the link below to be teleported to the world of Vasque.

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