The Trail is Life (for Life is a Trail)


The services I provide are custom to client's needs and requirements. Please select items that you are interested in and create a Cart. Then contact me with any specific questions you may have so that I can better assist you. Pricing is based on the items selected, the number of days you would like to book, and any other logistical considerations. Please allow for a slight delay in response time as I may be in the mountains. Thank you for visiting, I look forward to making your next adventure a memorable one!


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I walk a lot

Long Distance Trails are the conduit to connection with the world around us. My journey seeks transparency between living a 'town life' and living a life on a dirt path. I hope my character is the same in my valleys as it is on my peaks.

Shared moments

Raw beauty, smells, tastes, the essence of the outdoors cannot be captured in just photos, videos, or print, but I hope to add a little more of the human element into my page. I also hope to inspire.

We grow through experience

Life is a learn as you go deal. Trails are no different. That's why I like to share my experiences with you. The Good, The Bad, and the Funky.