Published Works:

Short Creative Nonfiction:Becoming Myself” – A structurally experimental short story of a man who becomes caught in a destructive love triangle while he seeks to find himself. Published in “Words and Images” by University of Southern Maine, 2001.

Essay:A Moment to Pause” – An essay on slowing down in order to see the intricacies of the natural world. Published in The Monadnock Conservancy Quarterly (Spring, 2014)

Short Fiction:Those Witches” – A place-based horror fiction story. Published in the anthology “Haunted Maine” (2015)

Poetry: Chopped Suet of the Mind – Chapbook of collected poetry. (1999)

Works in Progress:

Book: “The Wilderness is Home” – A series of previously unpublished essays focused on the relationship of man to the natural world. Inspired by the works of Gary Synder, Henry David Thoreau, Sigurd Olson, and others, these thoughtfully researched, meditative, essays illustrate humankind’s responsibility to the natural land by exploring our connectedness, and interdependence on all forms of life. Due out in late 2017.

Book: “Tangled Trees, Clear Mind” – A collection of previously unpublished poetry that infuses a curious wonder for the natural world with Buddhist ethics, and fragments of memoir. Due out in Spring 2017.